What is Storypark?

Storypark is a secure online learning and development program in which families can share ideas, knowledge of the child, and aspirations with educators. Together families and educators make decisions about future learning with everyone’s voice contributing to possible pathways of learning.

How does Storypark help my child?

The online program:

  • improves communication between educators and families;
  • enables educators to spend their time with your child more effectively;
  • helps your child define ‘what’s next’ in their learning;
  • provides deeper insights into your child’s unique interests, needs and abilities;
  • allows better support and improved outcomes; and
  • actively involves family members in your child’s learning.

Storypark is Cloud based and accessible from any internet capable device. It requires no installation, automatically updates, and is able to be viewed anywhere.

Who has access to my child’s Storypark profile?

Parents own their child’s Storypark community and content. You can invite Nana in England, an uncle in Doncaster, a parent that isn’t living with the child, etc. You have control over who has access to your child’s Storypark area. You are the owner and can add and remove people at any time.

How do I use Storypark?

Storypark is not a social networking site.  It’s a professional learning tool to support your child’s learning and development. Our educators at Cuddly Bear Templestowe have guidelines for using Storypark and it will only be used to communicate your child’s learning and development, group learning reflections, program reflections, goal setting and aspirations for your child. You can’t find your friends and you can’t see who else is online as you can with social networking sites.

What measures have been put in place to ensure safety?

We take cyber safety very seriously. Our educators have individual room passwords to login to Storypark. Our IT support has reviewed our devices and our antivirus software is up to date and current.  Cuddly Bear Templestowe Early Learning Centre and Kinder has an Information Communication Policy and a Privacy and Confidentiality Policy which can be viewed HERE.

Storypark adheres to government standards for cyber safety. You can find more information at

No one can find your child’s Storypark account unless you invite them

Where do I find further information?

For further information provided by Storypark, visit their website here ❯ This weblink provides advice including how to invite family and how to add a child to your Storypark account. 

Storypark Families app

Designed to help you to record and share your child’s milestones and activities. Share moments with the whole family or as a private message. Begin a record of your child’s life you’ll cherish forever.


For more information about Storypark, visit their website here ❯